BRB formfactore 2020 and 2030


Black Russian Bed is a mobile heated desktop for 3D printing, does not require adjustment during installation and printing. Can be removed and installed in hot mode. Provides heating of the print surface up to 200ºC. Does not require adhesive to hold the product on the printed surface. Provides easy removal of the finished product. Works with all known plastics.
BRB is when heated to count seconds rather than minutes, which provides a specific power of 1 watt/cm2. BRB – this is no problem with the power supply, because the power supply directly to the desktop household network 110/220 volts.
BRB – is a quick replacement of the desktop in hot mode, which itself remembers all its settings. The desktop has a built-in controller. It has its own calibration system.
BRB is heating to the temperature that is needed, not that will turn out. Optional heating temperature of 150ºC. If necessary, the desktop may well be heated to 350ºC. In the test mode, the temperature was reached 600 º C
BRB is a desktop that can be operated in closed chambers up to 120ºC. Operation at higher temperatures is possible without a built-in controller.
BRB is a desktop of unlimited size! The basic technology limits the desktop to 300mm x 300mm. However, high manufacturing accuracy and virtually no temperature expansion allows you to create unlimited arrays of elements 200mmx300mm. If only there was enough power supply!

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